Cr. Andrew Vose (2022)

Masha Breeze is a 23-year-old trans actor, writer, and model. Her work tells queer stories with a uniquely surreal sense of humor. Masha's recent work includes the Off-Broadway workshop Mother Says She's Shocked (2022, Bedlam), the upcoming short Sydney & Kim (2023, dir. Hazel Katz), and the upcoming independent pilot The Summit (2023, dir. Emily Breeze). She just finished Virgo, a self-written short which you can watch here.

As a playwright and filmmaker, Masha draws inspiration from Gen-Z meme culture, Ancient Greek performance, fellow terminally online trans women, and the theater scene of 1980s New York. These disparate references are bound together by a love for all things campy, cartoonish, and earnest. She currently resides in Queens with her writing partner, Sloan Elliott. 

Age Range: 18 - 23

Height: 5'11

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Blonde, chin-length

Eyes: Brown