TikTok (2021 - Present)

Masha runs a comedic TikTok account (@senilewaif) where she makes short, surreal sketches about the trans experience. Currently at 65K followers and 3.5M likes. Highlights linked below:

The Dictator

Lana's Unreleased Tracks

Dale's Happy Life


La Quinta

LensCrafters & PF Chang's


Heiress Twins (2023)

A mockumentary with improvised dialogue satirizing the lives of the young aristocracy. Pilot-length. Watch a short clip here, or the full film here.

Sydney & Kim (2023)

A short film about the demise of a close friendship.

After 25-year old Sydney (Masha Breeze) is released from the hospital following a surgery, her best friend Kim cares for her at a motel. As Kim’s flirtation with the motel manager escalates, Sydney’s resentment begins to boil over. Through intimate moments in their motel room, Sydney and Kim navigate the implicit expectations of their friendship. 

Virgo (2023)

A comedic short about a trans woman who goes on a lesbian odyssey to return a strap-on to her ex the day after their breakup. Self-written.

Watch it here.

Gal and Kitty (2023)

Two decrepit acting teachers feud in this mockumentary pilot. You can watch a short concept video for this here.

Currently shooting; written in collaboration with Finn Blomquist-Eggerling.

The Summit (2023)

An upcoming mockumentary short about a "Women in Beekeeping" summit which goes terribly wrong. Masha plays a trans anarchist hacker from Bushwick.

In post-production.

Hint! (2023)

A campy, queer adaptation of the board game/movie/play Clue. Masha collaborated on the script and played Annette, a bawdy Cockney maid.

Mother Says She's Shocked Her Children Are Upset (Part 5) (2022)

A new theatrical adaptation of Euripides' Bacchae, Mother Says She's Shocked imagines the cult of Dionysus as a modern-day MLM.

Masha Breeze played the lead role of Dionysus. A staged reading workshopped through Bedlam's DO MORE Series, April 2022.